New York Public Library (Passion Project)

Background: New York Public Library is the second largest public library in the United States and the fourth largest in the world. The library is open to the general public and consists of research and circulating libraries.

Problem:  New Yorkers are busy professionals with little time to spare. Most do not take advantage of the free and amazing resources that NYPL provides because it seems inconvenient and time consuming. Currently there is no mobile app as a resource for members/users to access the library's resources. 

Hypothesis: If NYPL created a simple and straight forward mobile app for the busy users, then the library can help users utilize the library’s resources in a fast, efficient manner.  

My Role: Personal project from idea, research, strategy, user journey, and wireframes


I did 7 user interviews to find out more about members' relationships with NYPL. I wanted to see what made the members still active library users even in this digital age. 


  • Professionals want an easy access to the library. They don’t have time to look for or seek out resources
  • Delivery system with a powerful company would be nice. When the library doesn’t have the book available, they go straight to amazon. It’ll be a good idea to collaborate with amazon. 
  • Not many people use the past app. They either didn’t know about it or it’s not easy to use
  • People don’t know about Interlibrary loans. There are a lot of features people don’t know about it
  • Would like to get notifications on app
  • If library was more accessible, we wouldn’t have to go to other sources to find what they want
  • Everyone’s schedule is not conducive to library hours. Library is only open when everyone is at work. Is there a way to work around it?

“I want an app that is simple and can give me what I need: a search catalog, where libraries are located,and my account.” - New York Library Patron



Sitemap/ User Flow

Prototypes and Wireframes

Task- Putting a book on hold