Hackathon Challenge

Compass proposed a company wide challenge for all employees to participate and collaborate to produce tech based projects in a 24 hour time limit.   

The Idea

Create a present mode feature for the Listing Presentation tool on the Compass Agent Site. 

What is the Listing Presentation Tool?

Background: The Listing Presentation Tool is a software tool that allows the users (Real Estate Brokers) to create and personalize their "selling pitch" to potential sellers and buyers. 

Problem: Since the launch of the Listing Presentation Tool in January 2016, real estate brokers have been asking for a feature with the ability to present their Listing Presentation in a digital format. For agents and clients that are more tech savvy, viewing the presentation in a digital flip book format on a TV screen or Ipad sounded more appealing than receiving a hard copy. Currently, the Listing Presentation Tool does not offer this feature. 

Team: Ethan Feldman (Engineer) and Lorina Binning (Marketing Associate)

My Role: Idea, Strategy, UX Consultant, and Presenter

Ethan and I collaborated together on the idea I proposed for the hackathon. He spent a few hours programming to create the added feature I wanted and once he was done, I consulted with testing to look for bugs and the functionality of the tool. The next day we presented in front of the company on our idea.

What this new feature can do:

- Open up to new interface that showcases like a slideshow one page at a time

- Arrows that move from one page to the next by clicking on the appropriate arrow or using the arrows on the keyboard 

- Exit out of interface back into the main Listing Presentation Tool site

We want the users to be able to to spot and recognize where they needed to go to get into the presentation interface. We put the it in two locations: top right corner along with other action items and on the left side, choosing which interface you want with icons down a column.  

After Hackathon

With the approval of the CTO and Engineer Lead, our project was able to launch live after a few design and code reviews. It was a popular feature request among the users and the product/engineering team thought it was the right time to release after the push of the hackathon challenge and the need of the users. Overall, this project was a success for Ethan and I! 

Click Here For Video Demo

Next Steps



While this feature is in Beta mode, I would like to do user testing to see what improvements we can make and things we are missing that we haven't thought about. 

A few questions to ask:

- Can you show me how you can enter  into the present mode of the tool?

- Is there another area that you can choose to put in present mode?

- How would you exit out of present mode?

- What do you think of the feature?

- What is your feedback?

- What would you like to change or add?

Competitive Research

After looking into different digital platforms that offer presentation modes, such as Flipsnack and Issuu, we want to be able to create an interface that allows the Listing Presentation Tool to showcase the pitches as a digital interactive flip book.


- Extensive User Testing/Research with different types of users: non tech savvy and tech savvy.

- More coding to create a feature capability to present the Listing Presentation as a digital flip book. 

- Launch updated Listing Presentation 2.0 with new 'Present Mode' feature for all regions across the country.